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Our fabric is machine-washable, quick-drying and can be ironed in the classic way.

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Your INDUO® fabric garment is easy to care for and can be treated like any other 100% cotton garment. It can be washed alongside your other clothes. 

You can, of course, choose a 30°C or 40°C cycle but do consider a delicate, cold or handwash cycle: the self-cleaning properties of the INDUO® fabric mean these are suitable options and help extend the life of the garment whilst reducing water and energy consumption. If you are using a service wash, hotel laundry or industrial washing service, please refer to the final paragraph of these care instructions.

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With INDUO®, there’s no need to tumble dry. Simply place on a hanger to air dry before ironing. Not only will it dry in no time, but it will also help smooth out wrinkles. 

As well as being more economical, it is another eco-friendly way to reduce your energy usage. Avoiding the damaging process of tumble drying, particularly on fine fabrics such as INDUO®, also significantly extends the life of your garment.  

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There are two types of INDUO® fabrics:

 · 100% cotton fabrics that can be ironed at maximum temperature (three dots on your iron)

·  Stretch fabrics containing 2% elastane or Lycra which must be ironed at 150°C maximum (two dots on your iron). In both cases, you’ll always get the best results from your INDUO® fabric garment by liberally spraying with water before you iron. This ensures maximum ease of ironing and the smoothest results.

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The INDUO® promise is to resist liquid stains but you can also get rid of some solid stains by simply rinsing them with water. As with all fabrics, the sooner you can apply water the better, meaning the stain will not have time to penetrate the fabric. 

Avoid rubbing the area as this will make matters worse. Just use the pressure of the flow of water to wash away the stain. If necessary, you can add a little soap.

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Whitening products, bleach products and stain removers are very aggressive on clothes and are to be avoided, particularly on refined fabrics such as INDUO®. Thanks to its properties, your INDUO® fabric garment shouldn't need them anyway.

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INDUO® fabric garments can be dry-cleaned.

If you are using a service wash, hotel laundry or industrial washing service, please ensure that your INDUO® garment is not treated like bed linen and washed at maximum temperature as this can cause shrinkage and will affect its lifespan. INDUO® garments should be washed at no more than 40°C and gently dried.


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